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Best wallet app for making and receiving multiple payments

Instant activation.
Widely accepted in India.

Credibly target powerful corporates and startups to collaborate with us

Employee & Employer

Salary Card

The Zenpay salary card helps your employees achieve financial security and freedom without the hassle of stressing over salary distribution. Our interactive dashboard allows users to manage their money effectively and efficiently.

  • Instant Activation
  • Easy-KYC Process
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Account Section
  • ATM Card
  • Outward Funds Transfer
For Everyone

Gift Card

With Zenpay gift cards possibilities are endless. Get access to a huge number of brands, gift them to your loved ones and enjoy the ease of access at the comfort of your home. We also offer great offers and discounts on our gift cards. Time to get a present!s

  • Pre-loaded gift cards
  • Brand-specific gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check My Account Balance?
• You can check your account balance at ANY ATM kiosk.
• You can check your balance on your Zenpay mobile app or the website.
• You can call our dedicated customer care number +91-11-40140404 to know your balance.
What can I do I have lost my Card or want to get a Replacement in-case of Damages?
Your Zenpay Salary card can be replaced on your request or your corporates request in-case your card gets lost or damaged. There is a processing fee of Rs 250 for this.
What can I do if my Pin is not Working?
• You can change your PIN using your Zenpay mobile app by selecting card management option followed by the rest pin facility.
• You can also call our dedicated customer care number : +91-11-40140404 to rest your pin.
Can I use this Card at any ATM machine for Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry?
Yes, the Zenpay Card works on all ATM machines across India.
There was a Wrong Transaction or Charge on my Account
For any queries regarding wrong transactions or charges please call our dedicated customer care number: +91-11-40140404.
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